Hi! I’m Isa.

Since I was little, I remember my mother with her camera on every trip and family event, capturing moments for our family albums that I love revisiting from time to time.

I, following her example, had my first camera at the age of 7, and I still have the photos I took of my friends and dolls, complete with decorations.

I believe my need to preserve memories through photographs stems from there. I studied graphic design and worked as a designer for a few years, but my passion for photography, which remained a hobby, grew stronger. I wanted to continue learning, so I left my job and studied artistic photography at the Granada School of Art. As I began working professionally, I fell in love with the world of weddings and decided that would be my path.

I approach each wedding as if it were the first, investing all my enthusiasm and effort into encapsulating your day through glances, embraces, laughter, and the often-overlooked details crucial to telling your story in the best possible way.

I am patient and discreet, and this reflects in my work. I anticipate emotional moments and you might not even realize I’m there; couples often tell me I capture their best memories with loved ones without feeling like I’m constantly by their side.

Other Details

  • When I’m not taking photos, I’m at my other full-time job as a mother of two children, with whom I love playing, taking pictures whenever they allow, and enjoying each new discovery.
  • My favorite plan involves attending a Quique Gonzalez concert with my husband or spending a music festival weekend, listening to my favorite bands and discovering new ones.
  • I’m not a fan of cooking, but I love eating well and baking cookies with my kids.
  • Berlin is my favorite city in the world; I lived there for a few months and would love to return for an extended period.
  • I don’t watch television, but I adore series, and if one hooks me, I could spend an entire day glued to the screen. “This is Us” is one of my all-time favorites.
  • The day before a wedding, I become quite meticulous; I avoid eating out or making any plans that involve driving, and if possible, I don’t leave the house.